Golden Hour Garden Portraits

June 16, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Clients often ask what the best location for photos are. As a portrait photographer, my answer will always be the same - 

"Somewhere special to you."

When it comes to taking portraits, you're doing more than taking pictures of someone's appearance. You're taking pictures of who they are. That's why I always recommend clients choose a special location for their portrait sessions - somewhere that brings back memories, makes them happy, or makes them feel overwhelmed with natural beauty. In these types of places, my clients shine.

That's why I was so thrilled to capture portraits for my dear friend at her family home in Bucks County, PA!

Lizzy and I grew up a few doors down from each other, and my very earliest memory is flying through her family's front garden on tiny toddler legs. Her home holds so many memories for the both of us - confessing our crushes on boys, learning how to curl our hair, nights spent gazing up at the starts from the trampoline. Beyond the beauty of her family's land, this home will always be the place where we grew up together, and that is best location a portrait photographer could ever ask for. 

We started just as golden hour began.

This is my favorite part about summer photo shoots. There is nothing like the lustrous glow of the sun fading away into the distance. The photos you can capture are beyond compare. 


One of my favorite things about this family's home is their garden! These pictures are taken in the vegetable patch, where they grow much of their own produce. The grassy expanse behind her was home to so much running and playing over the years.


After an outfit change, we started heading to another section of the property. As I saw her hair catch the light in that beautiful glow, I said "STOP RIGHT THERE AND TURN AROUND!!" and captured this photo. It turned out to be one of my favorites from this shoot. That dreamy, hazy background glow was too good to miss. 

We headed over to the edge of the property where landscaped garden melts into feral woods. The end result is this captivating flowery scene that is absolutely to die for. This series of images stole my heart in the editing process!


As the sun started to go down, we started to play much like we did when we were children. Lizzy began to run - sorry, "frolic" as she called it - into the setting sun at the edge of the woods. She danced in her sundress and our laughter carried into the night. 

The last click of my shutter is one of my most favorite pictures of the day. It embodies the beauty, grace, and magic of this golden hour portrait session. 








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